It's just nice to be able to take some time out and talk to someone in confidence, I find these sessions very useful.

  • Uses Smartphones

    A simple to use app which allows your staff to capture outcomes on the move, as they work and where they work

  • Captures Voices

    Record your clients' stories, even the 'hard to reach', in their words and in real time to show the impact you have. Enrich that with video, pictures and audio to learn from your clients.

  • Changes Lives

    Your work helps improve people's lives. This app lets you do that better by turning stories into data so you can improve your own services and influence commissioning and funding.

Who it's for

If you help people, the Impact Assessment app can help you capture your impact.

  • Local Authorities
  • NHS, Health and Social Care
  • Social Enterprises
  • Charities, Community and Voluntary Groups
  • Housing Bodies
  • Commissioners and Funders


How it helps

The Impact Assessment app helps in a variety of ways

  • Data
  • Creates a bank of stories and data that is your evidence of the effectiveness of your services.
  • Can allow commissioners and funders to see what difference their money is making as it happens.
  • Allows you to see what is happening on the front line in real time.
  • Process
  • Cuts paperwork, saving money and improving efficiency.
  • Helps you identify gaps in your services based on what clients, say so you can keep improving what you do.
  • Eliminates scrabbling around for case studies. You can even use it for annual reporting.
  • People
  • Makes it much easier to respond to what your clients tell you.
  • Makes it easier for staff to collaborate in supporting people.
  • Gives staff regular feedback from clients, cementing relationships and boosting morale.

It gives us a greater sense of what we are achieving every day and has helped get £1 million pounds worth of services recommissioned

Katherine Hewitt

Chief Executive, Gateway Family Services

Get Started

Setting up Impact Assessment is easy

  • Step 1: Licensing
  • We have licenses for organisations of all sizes, To discuss your requirements please call or email us.
  • Step 2: Set up
  • You can download the app onto your Android or iOS device from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Once we've agreed the license you can create accounts.
  • Step 3: Training
  • We also offer training to support you while you get started. Please ask us about this service.

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